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Alfie's Nut Butters are your go-to spreadable foodstuffs for any nourishing meal. As healthy as they are tasty, Alfie’s delicious nut butters will make your guilt-free snacks a positive experience and still be waiting for you on your cheat-day. They are the ornament of any self-respecting breakfast, the secret ingredient in all your famous garnishes and sauces, and tucked in between two thick slices of rustic wholegrain bread, they are the perfect bedfellows for grandmaw's homemade jams and fruit preserves.

Here at Alfie's we're passionate about experimentation, but science has yet to find a meal that isn't significantly improved by a generous dollop of our golden nut butters.

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The whole family loves Alfie's peanut butter. Great for smoothies as well as a spread. Only problem is that the tub only lasts a week in our house!

Sharon Lowe

Love these products and the fact that they’ve emerged out of a passion project! Amazing taste and texture. Highly recommended.

Pratik Vora

I highly recommend the ABC nut butter! It literally has three ingredients and tastes absolutely incredible. I eat it on brown rice crackers.

Fiona Coughlin

Great team to work with. Good service and communcation. Thank you Alfie's!

Charlie Hong

Professional business with excellent products. I recommend Alfie’s to all hospo clients!

Anton Goodman

Unmatched customer service. Such positive, uplifting, and communicative people! We love Alfie's!!!!

jordan planit

Excellent organization, easy to deal with, great customer service and very professional top to bottom - also great tasting spreads!

Allan Vaksman

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