Chai Walli - Lemongrass Chai | Caffeine Free (100g)

Chai Walli - Lemongrass Chai | Caffeine Free (100g)

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Our newest masala chai blend is all about keeping it mellow. Uppma formulated this blend to bring you a cup of chai which is smooth and subtle with an under layer of spice.

The story behind the blend? Uppma first discovered a chai blend made using lemongrass when it was served up to her by a Chai Wallah in Bombay (Mumbai), India. Yes it's still spicy, thanks to the ginger and ajwain, and yes it's still a little naturally sweet thanks to the fennel, but it's the lemongrass which positions this blend in between 'spicy' and 'subtly smooth.' 

This beautiful new blend can be served with or without milk, and can be made a little sweeter by adding a sprinkling of Jaggery. This caffeine free version is perfect before bedtime.

Fennel, ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint & carom seeds

What's Important:
- Size 100g
- Vegan friendly 
- 100% caffeine free
- sugar & preservative free